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A real, live, video tarot reading from the comfort of your own home or office. Choose the depth of your reading with the Buy Now button above.

All major credit cards accepted with hassle-free PayPal payment (click Buy Now button above). Your financial information is 100% secure. Once Tater has received your payment via PayPal, Tater will email you within 24 hours to arrange a time for your personal Skype Video Tarot Reading. 

Online Video Psychic Reading via Skype

Skype provides a private service so Tater can read for you by Skype Video Call. If you don’t already have a free Skype Account please click this link to Download Skype. Skype membership is free, doesn’t require video and is even available on most computers and smartphones. Once you have a Skype account, Please send your user name and email address to Tater by email or Skype using his user name: skypepsychic

Skype Web Cam Psychic Readings

Arrangements for readings are done via email upon receipt of your payment to PayPal.

With Skype you can easily set up a connection between You and Tater.  Video is not necessary in order to get a reading.

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What are Skype Psychic Clients saying about Tater’s Readings:

“Tater’s readings are so accurate, I found myself much more confident in the career path I was thinking about taking. Not to mention that he completely explains the tarot deck and astrology chart during the reading. He really has a thorough knowledge of the symbolism and meanings. I can’t wait for my next reading!” – Jill Kimmel (Comic, actress, mom)

“I really enjoyed Tater’s reading. He’s very intuitive and informative while keeping things light and fun. I learned a lot about me but also about the cards and their symbolism. Great fun and quite encouraging.” – Su Nimon (Artist, Musician)

“Tater is amazing. The gift he has is very real- whether you “believe in it” or not. The reading he facilitated with me was nothing short of accurate for something that has been weighing fairly heavy in my life now. His reading not only let me know where I am now but also where I am headed, in regards to that issue. It really gave me the strength and the shove I needed to put this issue behind me and fully move on. So in short, Tater is amazing. His readings will astound you. Thanks Tater. I am glad you came into my life when you did.” – Jeanette Hendricks (Massage Therapist)

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